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Interactive Pediatric Therapy Steps

[ Under Construction ]


Modular In-Line Tandem Stroller

Overview This project was easily one of the most exciting and rewarding I have worked on during not only my time at Tech but my time as a maker overall. For my senior design project, my team was given two... Continue Reading →

Maple and Burl Knife

Once again inspired by a video on the internet, several months ago I decided to get ahold of some nice contrasting woods to make a wooden knife for decoration (or potentially cake-cutting). This was actually my first time ever taking... Continue Reading →

Spectrogram Soundscapes

*Quick Intro: I plan to keep this post live and updated as I add more and more scapes as I make them, so check back periodically for more!* I am honored and humbled to say that the Scripps Institute of... Continue Reading →

Artificial Hand – Team CAD Project

This project was completed with a team of 5 mechanical engineering students my freshman year at Tech. The goal of the project was to take some real world object, break it down into its respective parts, create a 3-D model... Continue Reading →

The Firing Neuron Kinetic Sculpture

This project is a favorite of mine and actually my first commissioned piece. A friend of mine was on the board for a developing new learning commons¬†in the Biomedical Engineering building on campus at Georgia Tech. I pitched this idea... Continue Reading →

Laser Engraved Longboard

This project was actually the second longboard I ever built, my first being a fish-shaped board which was a great first step into the world of board making.¬†After using my fish board for several months, I quickly learned its weaknesses... Continue Reading →

Sisyphus: A Kinetic Sculpture

A Quick Intro: I have loved making kinetic sculptures since high school. I was first introduced to the art form when I stumbled upon a YouTube video featuring the work of Arthur Ganson, whose application of mechanical principles resulted in... Continue Reading →

Laser Cut Headphone Stand

Now this project wasn't a very complex one, but fun, easy, and delivers a really cool and practical result. When I was browsing audiophile gear on the internet one day, I spotted a headphone stand that cost upwards of $70.... Continue Reading →

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