Hi all! My name is Nick Evans. I’m originally from San Diego, CA but have been living in Atlanta the last 3 years while I go to school at Georgia Tech to study mechanical engineering.

I have always loved creating things. My childhood revolved around Lego, K’nex, paper, and tape. I began to pursue guitar when I was around 12, and began writing songs when I was 15. Music became my largest focus for a while, but when I got to Georgia Tech I realized I had a vast resources of tools and technology I could use to create things.

I got involved with the Invention Studio, which is a 100% student-run maker space with dozens of 3-D printers, a full wood shop, laser cutters, and even a water jet! Not only have I been able to use these for my own projects, but I also spend time on duty in the different rooms helping other students and even professors with their own projects. My junior year I was manager of the wood shop, helping maintain equipment, order supplies, and generally organize the space.

I’ve been able to learn how to approach ideas and help make them a reality, which is one of the greatest things I think people can do. I enjoy building things with my hands like moving sculptures, and simple decorative things as well such as wine stands. I’ve also taken an interest in photography, sketching (okay maybe just doodling), and even linoleum carving thanks to my roommate, who enjoys making prints.

My creative and curious side has had me dabble in and pursue many different things, and I hope to showcase as much as I can on this site! I have many past projects that I hope to add to the page as well, so older projects will be mixed in with the new ones.